Press Conference January 12 2015

Public Advocate Calls For A Forensic

Investigation of President Picker’s
destroyed e-mails


Picker’s destruction of potentially incriminating
e-mails suggests Picker is a continuation of the
ongoing corruption, secrecy, and obstruction of
justice at CPUC.

WHO: Maria Severson, co-investigator of fraud and
malfeasance at CPUC, will make a major
announcement at 10:00 AM

WHAT: Severson is calling for an immediate forensic

Investigation of all erased correspondence on
the computers of incoming CPUC President,
Michael Picker. Picker will be called upon by
Mike Aguirre to sign an ethics pledge.

WHEN: 10:00 AM

WHERE: 501 West Broadway, Suite 1050 (10th Floor)

San Diego, CA 92101 (Get Map)

WHY: Severson’s call for a forensic investigation
comes one day after Picker admitted in an
interview published in Sunday’s print edition
of the U~T San Diego that he has erased all
e-mails older than 90-days. Picker’s
predecessor, Michael Peevey, resigned in
disgrace in the midst of a criminal

HOW: Severson is demanding that an independent
forensic investigation of Picker’s hard drives,
back -up systems, and CPUC’s internal
computers and e-mail servers be conducted
immediately before Picker’s new “90-Day”

Evidence Destruction Policy can take hold.

According to Severson, “The current president of CPUC has displayed a complete lack of transparency, perhaps adopted after Peevey was exposed for emails evidencing his cozy relationship with utilities. It suggests Mr. Picker is attempting to destroy his own potentially incriminating records. With his first meeting this week, the public should be suspect of his conduct and motives.

For background or to arrange an exclusive interview,
contact Charles Langley (858) 752-4600

See the U~T San Diego story by Jeff McDonald below

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