Notice Of Press Conference Aug 6, 2015

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CPUC Judge Blasts Edison, But
What About CPUC Wrongdoing?

The corruption scandal at the Public Utilities Commission
deepens as the judge in charge of the investigation has
asked Edison to be held in contempt, but takes no action
against complicit CPUC officials, fails to turn over her own

WHO: Honorable Mike Aguirre of Aguirre & Severson
and Ray Lutz of Citizen’s Oversight and the
Committee to Decommission San Onofre

WHAT: A Public Utilities Commission Judge has ordered
Southern California Edison to defend itself on charges

of contempt of court relevant to the $10.4 billion
bailout and life-threatening failure of the San Onofre
Nuclear Generators.

WHEN: 11:30 AM today, August 6, 2015

WHERE: 501 W. Broadway, Ste 1050, San Diego, CA 92101 (Get MAP)

WHY: Overwhelming documentation of fraud surrounding
the publicly-funded $10.4 Billion San Onofre bailout
has forced Administrative Law Judge Melanie Darling
to issue an order instituting an investigation into her own
court of administrative law.

At issue is whether or not Edison executives perjured themselves
and are in contempt of court for lying to the commission
under oath. However, a more important issue raised
by the attached Order Instituting Investigation is whether or
not Judge Darling and Commissioner Florio were complicit
in the cover-up and publicly funded bailout of the failed
nuclear generators. Initially, CPUC touted the bailout as a
refund, but recent investigations show that the cost to the
average SDG&E and Southern California Edison ratepayer
be about $1,600 per electric meter.

See today’s front page story, Union Tribune,

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