New Evidence Shows Obstruction Of Justice By Southern California Edison And Public Utilities Commission.

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Today, Aguirre & Severson LLP, announced that the law firm intends to refile its claim in Federal Court. The action is in response to damning new information disclosed by Southern California Edison in filings yesterday at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

According to Attorney Maria Severson, the documents show that “Edison and the Commission worked together to make sure that a secret deal worked out in Poland was memorialized in a matter of days.”

On page One of the attached, Russel Worden of SCE writes  “I’m on it. I have the SONGS 1 Settlement and will get it to you.”

He then writes “Take my notes and turn it into a simple term sheet.”

By settling the case out of court, Edison avoided a legally required public hearing into whether or not it is “reasonable” for a utility to charge its customers for electricity that was never delivered. The unlawful out-of-court deal also left ratepayers on the hook for the $3.3 Billion in costs related to the the failure of Edison’s nuclear generators.

The logs also show that Edison prepared “scripts” for its secret settlement meetings with Public Utility Commissioner Mike Florio. Florio presided over the proceedings which determined that customers — not Edison — must pay for the costs of Edison’s management failures at San Onofre.

The existence of these “scripts” were not disclosed by Edison, in violation of the Commission’s ex parte rules. That secret agreement, which paved the way to an unlawfully negotiated out-of-court settlement with TURN, the Utility Reform Network, was the result of “ex parte” (secret) meetings with CPUC president Michael Peevey, and CPUC Commissioner, Mike Florio.

Edison continues to withhold the documents described in the attached “privilege log” as well as 2-million more documents. Meanwhile, CPUC is also withholding incriminating records with the help of criminal defense lawyers hired at a cost of more than $5 million.

Because of CPUC’s legal stonewalling, the public may never be able to evaluate the evidence until the Federal Court intervenes.

According to Severson, “Only the CPUC and Edison know what really happened, and they are hunkering down under the guise of attorney-client privilege to prevent the public from knowing. The Courts must step in to stop the cover-up.”

All of the disclosed documents are available at the Aguirre & Severson LLP Web site.

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