Incriminating E-mails

To View A Pdf Of The Newly-Discovered Peevey E-Mails, Click Here.

January 12, 2015
– Today, Aguirre & Severson’s Maria Severson held a press conference calling on the incoming president of the California Public Utilities Commission to make his e-mails public, and to agree to basic ethical standards that apply to other public agencies in California,

The demand for transparency is the result of of Aguirre & Seversons’ 23-month probe into malfeasance and wrongdoing at CPUC, where recently discovered e-mails from Picker’s predecessor, Michael Peevey, show unsavory and potentially unlawful contact with top Southern California Edison executives during a multi-billion dollar rate hearing related to Edison’s failed San Onofre Nuclear Generating facility.

Picker’s recent statement in the Sunday print edition of the San Diego U~T suggest that he has been destroying his e-mails after 90-days, prompting fears that vital public evidence and public records were being destroyed.  Severson has asked Mr. Picker to sign an ethics pledge that will help reform CPUC’s tainted reputation and hold the agency accountable to the same laws that govern other state bureaucracies.

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