Breaking News: Peevey And Southern California Edison Met Secretly In Warsaw Poland To Plot Strategy

Southern California Edison Admits To Secret Meetings With CPUC Chief.

WHEN: TODAY, February 9, 2015 at 5PM
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WHO: Mike Agurrie, Maria Severson, and Ray Lutz

WHAT: A shocking bomb-shell admission of unlawful
secret meetings in Warsaw Poland between
the California Public Utility Commission and
executives at Southern California Edison.


In a breathtaking admission of guilt, Southern California Edison, the utility that recklessly installed defective and experimental “replacement” nuclear generators (RSGs) at its San Onofre power plant has admitted that it engaged in unlawful, and unreported secret meetings with Michael Peevey, the President of the California Public Utilities Commission, on or around March 26, 2013 in Warsaw Poland.

The admission follows last week’s seizure by the California Attorney General of stationery from the 5-Star Bristol Hotel in Warsaw Poland from the home of Michael Peevey. Peevey’s notes on Bristol Hotel letterhead. The notes, which originated from Stephen Picket, reference “RSG.

“RSG” is a an official CPUC initialism  for San Onofre’s “Replacement Steam Generators.”

SCE’s carefully-worded admission comes in the form of a notice filed today as a “Late-Filed Notice of Ex ParteCommunication.” “Ex Parte” means outside the court. According to the notice, Stephen Picket of SCE gave his RSG notes / instructions to Peevey who kept tme. The late-filed notice states that Michael Peevey initiated the meeting to resolve an OII, or “Order Instituting an Investigation.”

To date, there has been no investigation into who was responsible for the decison by SCE to install untested and unlicensed experimental nuclear generators at San Onofre. However, we do know that SCE skirted the requirements for a Nuclear Regulatory Commission review of the new generator designs by claiming falsely, that the new design was virtually identical to the old generators.

Regulators are not to supposed to meet secretly outside the court with the companies they regulate … especially at luxurious five-star hotels in foreign countries. It is akin to a Superior Court judge meeting secretly with a defendant with a case in his court  … while vacationing in the Bahamas. Such behavior is unseemly, and in this case, is a smoking gun.

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