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Best-ever video explanation of the ongoing corruption at the California Public Utilities Commission

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Attorney Maria Severson explains in simple terms how your rates were increased by the California Public Utilities Commission without the legally required hearings.  The process required massive fraud and a cover-up of the fraud.  Get the video.

May 24, 2015:San Onofre Deal Concocted in Secret,” front page, above the fold story in San Diego Union Tribune exposes how the bailout of SoCal Edison was secretly masterminded without public hearings or due process.

May 2, 2015: Florio and Peevey’s “shakedown” meeting with Southern California Edison resulted in a $3.3 Billion rate hike for SDG&E and Edison customers.

Commentary Sunday, February 29, 2015: Aguirre & Severson partner, Michael Aguirre explains that the NFL uses “restraint of trade” to armtwist fans and local governments into paying too much. More.

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